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I can see the light !!!!

So, it's finally Spring.  Now that the barn is not an icebox, I am back at the camper.  It's getting there very close! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel- and it is getting closer everyday!!
April Update: Well, Mom stuck with it and actually got all the cushion covers done!   She is a trooper, and worked hard to get all of her sewing correct.  Not bad for 82, huh?  I will love sleeping on my bed,  knowing the work my mama put into the cushions. They look amazing- and are currently sitting in my bedroom
until the camper is ready for them  (too dusty in there right now).

All of the rusted and pitted exterior pieces are puttied, painted and ready for install. Just gotta wait- as they go on after the new skins.
They all turned out great :)

I installed my first electric box- not too tough ! This one is under the bed with access from outside.

I finally installed my original Shasta step- love it !!

I cut out the kitchen table- now need to laminate it and we…

I took the plunge!

Dec Update

October update- getting LOTS done !