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My shrinking TO DO list is a beautiful thing :)

The side metal is on,  the side windows, vents, and brows are installed,  the running lights are working.... and the roof is on !!

Here's an update on what I've been doing lately:
Cutting out all of the window and vent holes wasn't too hard, just had to be careful to not screw up.  I used the electric shears mostly, but hand shears also came in handy.
All the things that go in these opening are sealed with 'putty tape'-  a special, sticky sealing putty that comes on a roll. You apply it around the edge of the item you are inserting in the hole,  and then screw the frame into place. Makes for a water proof seal around the perimeter. Don't forsee any leaks anytime soon :)
Here's some photos of the side items:

I did have a few screw-ups.... when cutting out the door, I was a bit too careful  and cut it a little small so as not to go over the edge. Well, I forgot I need this metal for the door-  and the piece I cut was WAY too small! UGH!  I had to order anoth…

I'm blinded by the white (metal that is) !