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I took the plunge!

Well, January is here,  and things have slowed down for sure.
The BIG news is that I actually took the  big PLUNGE  and bought ALL NEW METAL SKINS! In looking at all the panels that needed to be replaced,  I decided to just go ahead and replace them all. They were not cheap- (gulp) as they were delivered from California- but I think it will be worth it in the end! And heck....what else do I work for, huh?
Kudos to my brother Larry who helped in the delivery. The 2 heavy boxes were 15' and 8' long- no way I was able to help unload them here.
He had them delivered to his work, and then he set up their delivery here. Thanks, brother :)
They now have to sit in the garage until the weather is warmer (Sure hope mom doesn't run into them-  she has tons of dents in her car from running into various things).
I'm so bummed- but the metal needs to be put on when then temperature is 80 or above. If I put it on now, when it gets hot, the metal will expand and cause all kinds of pr…

Dec Update

October update- getting LOTS done !