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Has it been 2 years???

Well, this October is 2 years since I first introduced my camper project. I truly thought it was 3 (haha!)-  as it feels that long since I started ripping her apart.
But happily, I can report that this past weekend.... She rolled out of the barn!!!!
But, I digress...let's get to the updates!
I got both the front and back metal panels on with the help of my brother Larry. Thanks bro!!
I then had to cut out the last windows- the front being the biggest! All went well, and they were done!

The front piece was a little tough-  as the frame to the tongue needed to be cut out, and the angles were wonky (lol). Can't say I did the best job- even after copying the cut-outs from the old metal.  It cleaned up nicely however with some circular metal pieces covering the area. Think it turned out great !!
I got the battery / propane shelf painted,  my brother Jim drilled holes in it (thanks Jim!),  and I got it all installed. It really looks sharp !
I installed the metal framing around the …

My shrinking TO DO list is a beautiful thing :)