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October update- getting LOTS done !

I have been working steadily on the camper, plugging away at the many things needing to be completed.
Here's a run down: I finally got my new refrigerator installed (well-at least it's in place).  I am so happy-  as it took lots of reconfiguring of the cabinet it goes in. I even added a new front for the door- made from my shellacked birch wood- to match the camper's wood.  Love the look!

I installed all of my 12v fixtures  and am just about finished running the wires for them all.  12v is basically powered by an on-board battery vs. plugging into an electric source at a campground. So, with 12v, I can have lights, water (pump), the ceiling fan,  and a few charge ports for when I am 'boon-docking' ie: camping off-grid (no electric).
I installed 2 - 12v ceiling lights-
and a 12v adjustable reading light above my bed:
I added a 12v switch for my porch light  (which is in my door handle- my brother is currently cleaning this up) :
and a 12v charging port for electron…

Slow and Steady...

Back to my real job....dang !!