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99.9% ....thanks to a Pandemic.

So, the world is in chaos- scary times for sure. I have at least the next 2 weeks off-  although I fear it will be much longer. SO....I am going full steam ahead
after taking the winter off to  GET "ER DONE!!!
Here's the latest update:
Awning and J Rail The entire seam where the roof metal  meets the sides is covered by an aluminum awning rail or by what's called J Rail.
The awning rail holds...the awning material of course. J Rail is basically like a rain gutter. 
Installing it was quite a job- as it comes in straight 8' pieces  but needs to conform to the shape of my camper.
Starting at the bottom, I put one screw in, bent the metal to the shape ahead,  and then added the next screw. Did I mention there are HUNDREDS  of screws holding these pieces on? AND...this is just the fitting.
After it is all fit-  I then had to take all the screws out,  add putty tape to the back, and reinstall. Not easy to do with 8 ' pieces- but I got it done!

Really makes her shine !


Has it been 2 years???