A guy named Larry

Through the Vintage Trailer forum- 
I learned that there was a wealth of information on 
rehabbing/restoring old trailers on YOUTUBE
posted by a guy named Larry.

Larry, referred to as Mobiltec on the forum and YouTube,
 lives out west (Nevada) and restores Vintage trailers.
He's retired, a vet ( Thanks for your service Larry),
and is so talented in restoring these
unique campers to their former beauty. 
And boy, does he do a beautiful job.

He has posted hundreds of videos on YouTube
in order to help others who are attempting this themselves.
His website- Canned Ham Trailers- is fantastic.
He has a ton of useful information 
and videos of his trailer restorations.
As I perused his website-
I saw that he also has online classes that
one can join for a small donation.
You guessed it- I joined!

Every Tuesday night, for 2 hours,
Larry holds a LIVE class for his 'students'
that cover a wide range of topics.  
He's quite the character.

I have only 'attended' 1 so far-
but have access to the class archives at any time.
He also makes himself available through email for his students-
and will answer any questions they may have.
I am so looking forward to the classes ahead
to learn all I can about my latest adventure.

A few of his mottos:

'I make mistakes so you don't have to....'

'God grant me the strength to restore the trailers I can,
the courage to strip the parts off the ones I can't,
and the wisdom to know the difference...'

Gotta love this guy !!