A very productive first day

Well, once I got my first window out, 
I was just dying to take the front skin off
to see the shape of the frame.
I had to remove these buggers- tiny nails holding to skin on the corners.
I had learned that a tool called a 'cat's paw' would help.
And - can you believe it- just last week, 
while looking through some ancient tools of my dads, 
I found one! ( thanks Dad !)

It worked great !!

The last thing was to remove 6 screws behind the hitch 
that proved to be a real PITA-hard to get to with a screwdriver.
But with some patience, the dremel tool,
 elbow grease, and LOTS of cursing,
I removed the last thing holding on the skin.

Now, to peek under..... 

I was so happy to see that this part looked pretty good!
The wood was in good shape for the most part.

As I expected, the corners show some rot.
When a camper leaks, this is where a lot of wood rot occurs.
However, it was not too bad.

Thanks to the forum, and a guy named Larry (more on that soon)
I know how to replace it.
Can't do that now though- have to take off more skins 
to see the whole picture.
But, for now, I am happy that my first peek
was not nearly as bad as I thought. 

Onward we go !!!