Interior photos of the old gal.

I took some photos of the inside once I cleaned it out a bit.
It's mostly all original, which is so cool.
Will need a lot of wood panelling replaced- and I am sure some frame work-
as the water damage inside is just an inkling of the damage underneath the walls.
All original appliances and countertops.

Original propane lamp- so cool !


Bernadette had the benches reupholstered and they look awesome!

Original water tank.
Bernadette gave me a new one she bought.
Think that's a good idea !

Neat light - love the vintage stuff

The roof vent is a typical place for water damage and leaking.

Wall repairs needed :)
Someone (who shall remain nameless) ran into
some trees and dented the side.  
The Bedroom- love it !!!


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