My arm is hurting, but the progress is worth it :)

I have been spending time daily back in the barn, 
dismantling the Shasta.
Things are going well. I am actually having FUN !!
As time goes by, I am getting better at
things and really seeing progress.

The front skins are ready to be removed,  
but the street side is proving to be a bit harder.

The screws on that side are numerous and really rusted.
Thankfully the dremel tool is proving to be such a help-
and I have been able to get ALL the screws out as of today.

Some updates-

The back window...
definitely has leaked, and will need repair.

The bathroom window...

is out and looks good!

The window above the kitchen sink...
also looks good!

As of today,
I have taken everything on the street side off...
including all the smaller things such as
the vents,

the lights..
and the electrical plug.

Before I take off the side skins and see the shape of things,
the roof metal needs to be removed.
That's the next BIG thing- as I know there is a lot
of water damage from the leaking ceiling vent.

But...first I have to remove a few hundred nails and staples.

oh my aching right arm :(