Rolling right along

I've been working hard on the camper- 
and am happy with my progress. 
Still working at getting all the screws out along the top,
at the windows and storage doors.  
In addition, I now have to remove tiny staples holding the skins on the edges,
as well as a new nemesis:
- the twisty nail !

I had read about these- but now I know their true evil!  
Tough to grab their heads, and
then tougher to twist out (no pulling these suckers).  
What were they thinking?

I've been working on the curbside- 
and took the door off to find the frame around it will need replacing.
Not too bad- I knew it was gonna need work.

I then got a look under the repaired piece of skin.
Looks good- except for a cracked board.
Can't have that !

I struggled with 5 screws along the window
that just did not want to come out.
Thankfully Mike stopped by and gave me a hand.
My elbow and shoulder are so sore
from unscrewing and pulling so many nails and staples-
his muscle made all the difference!
Thanks Mike !!

Only a few more things to take off, 
and I can remove the curbside skin.
But that will need to wait till tomorrow....

I need a hot shower :)