She's half naked!

I have off all week- yahoo !!-
so I plan on working at getting all the skins off 
if I can before Turkey Day.

Today, I finished up things needed
to lift up the bottom curbside skin 
(the sides are actually 2 long pieces 
of aluminum joined together at a seam).

What I found was as I expected-
and really not bad considering what some people find
under the skins!
The sill will need replacing- 
that's the board running along the bottom.
The rot has not really gone beyond that into the
vertical frame pieces.
That's a good thing!
I will replace the insulation as well.
Looks kinds gross, huh?

In addition, the bender board- the narrow wooden strip
which follows the curve of the back wall-
needs replacing.  
Again, it seems that this is typical 
and not the end of the world.

I then worked on removing the screws and nails
along the entire edge where the roof skin meets the curbside skin.
I will need to remove the roof skins- 
as there is a lot of water damage from a leaky
roof vent.

The roof skin is bent over the side skins
and nailed/stapled into place.

I have read to straighten out that bend before taking off the roof.
So..I used my new tool just for that job.

Since aluminum is so soft, it's not a great idea
to bend it by hand as I could really mess it up.  
This tool did the trick!

I did find a tear in the side skin at the door- 
and will need to find out if this is fixable.
It's all about water has the ability to get
in at any opening.
Let's hope this is salvageable-
as purchasing new skins is not cheap!

For now, I have seen under the front and curbside skins.  
Water damage is there- but it's not scaring me away yet!
Onto the back and street side.

Let's hope that my 'good luck' continues !!


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