A new home for the winter.

Since the roof leaks so bad and winter is coming,
I wanted to put the camper under cover so I could tear her apart.
Luckily, we have a big barn that she would fit in.  
My brother also has a big wood shop back there-
and used the back room for storage mostly.
I decided to commandeer the room for the Shasta!
Sorry- Tom!
 I had to spend a few weeks cleaning and straightening out all the junk.
Lots of dust, moving of heavy wood and junk, and even a dead raccoon!
Ugh !
Not easy- but I did it myself!  

I even insulated the ceiling! 

I measured the camper- and it would fit well in the room.
However, it was a tad too tall to get through the door. 

So, first I had to remove the roof vent- which leaks like a sieve.

After letting some air out of the tires- 
and me standing on the camper steps to make it go even lower-( ha!)
we finally got her in the barn !!!

And now the adventure begin !!!