I've finally hit the roof !

I've been working in spurts on dismantling the camper.  As I remove more 'stuff'- the barn is getting quite cramped!  I plan to move the things to be cleaned and shined into the garage (or basement) for me to work on over the winter.

So far, the bottom skin is off on all 4 sides, 
and the hundreds of nails holding the roof on are gone.
Not only where they rusted, but they were sealed 
with silicone and some kind of sealing tape.
Fun Fun Fun for sure!

Since I know the ceiling is in need of panel replacement, 
the metal roof will need to come OFF.  
I'll need some help with that-so I will focus on floors and framing first.

The areas that need replacing in the frame are quite evident-
and not really as bad as they look!
Remove the rotten pieces of wood, make identical ones, and replace. 
Nothing to it ( ha ha )!

We shall see how it goes....


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