Oh Lord...I am in deep - ahhhhh!!

After exposing all of the framing and seeing where it needs repair,
I needed to decide where to start. 
Quite overwhelming for sure :)
What I am trying to remember is the mantra I have learned:
 "One section at a time"- 
so as not to let that overwhelming feeling turn me off from the fun of this project. 
Sooo, since the front area of flooring/sub floor needs replacement,
I have decided to start there.    
To remove and reinstall new subfloor- 
I need to take everything out of the trailer in the front
and open it all up.
First, I removed both of the dinette bench seat frames- 
not too tough, just patience to get all the screws and nails out.
One holds the old water tank- I will need some help getting that out!
Next, I needed to get the framing off of the front of the trailer.
First, I had to cut away the curbing along the edges with a reciprocating saw- 
it was tough because it is firmly attached with nails and I think glue!
It's definitely in need of replacment- at least the bottom half.
Then I cut the horizontal framing off across the front.

(not too tough)
and removed the front window frame.  It's in pretty good shape-
so I did not want to just rip it out.
and I got it out in one piece!
Finally, I got to rip off the front paneling....which is ruined and will be replaced.
And just like that, my lovely little trailer now looks like
a falling down piece of ____.

I am in deep now my friends.  Oh boy :)