Back at it...

Well, winter has settled in, and I've been taking a break from the camper for a while.  
Too damn cold back in the barn.
Luckily, my son gave me a propane torpedo heater for Christmas so that I could get back to work even in this weather (thanks Mike).  So, I am finally up off my butt and back at it again.

First job- ripping out the floors in the front half of the camper.  The current floor consists of underlayment / sound board topped with plywood- which were all in pretty bad shape.   
I chose NOT to remove the cabinets and just cut out the floor around them- as I truly felt this would just be too much for even little old me to accomplish.  So...using a reciprocating saw and lots of muscle, I set to work.  Cutting around the cabinets was tough,
but I got it done with only minor damage to the cabinets.

The whole floor is attached to the metal/wood frame by large carriage bolts. Of course, they were rusted bad, so I went under the trailer and cut off each nut with the saw.  Some refused to come out even after the nuts were gone, so I had to cut out the floor around them to pull them out.   

After lots of muscle, and some bloodshed ( my first!!), I finally got them all out. From there is was just a matter of pulling nails, screaming, and yanking the pieces of flooring and sound board free from the frame. What a mess....but it's done !! 

Time for new subfloor!