Ahhhh....some fun stuff!

Along with all the work on the demo- I am planning ahead for the reconstruction of my camper.
I need to get my tile floor down- because after that I can start to put all my cabinets back in. 
That will be a great step forward!
The previous owner had the dinette seat cushions reupholstered- 
and they are just a beautiful shade of green, which happens to be my favorite color 
and what I wanted my camper theme to be :)
I ordered some sample vinyls floor tiles from Armstrong- 
and decided to go with a checkerboard pattern of teal and off-white.  
They are being shipped within a week. Can't wait to get the floor in!! 
I also went and bought 4 sheets of 1/4" Birch- so that I can start cutting and shellacking my walls.
It is really a beautiful wood with awesome grain patterns.
I had fun picking through the pile for sheets with the best pattern.
I don't think the young man in orange appreciated that- but Oh well !!
The basement has now turned into a finish room- as it is just too cold in the barn.
I am currently shellacking small pieces of birch needed for the rebuild 
of my cabinets, walls and shelves. 
4 coats of my special tinted mix, then 2 coats of clear.
Sure looks nice when it is done :)

I just had to install a piece in the camper- just to see how it looked.
This is the side wall of the tall wardrobe cabinet.
I'm just lovin it :)

I do hope Spring comes soon so that I can do my walls outside.


  1. OMG!! I just checked in....I admire your dedication!


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