Lots of jobs - my head is spinning !!

With the wheel well issue solved, it was time to get back at it.  
I cut, sealed and installed the new plywood subfloor-
and attached the new wheel wells with putty tape and screws. 
I cursed up a storm removing the wall panel from the bathroom- 
it was not only nailed but glued on...

I spent HOURS removing the bathroom flooring and the holding tank that sits under the floor.
The toilet/tank flange was rusted good- there was no getting that off.  
So I took the saw and CUT it out... take that sucker :)

I spent more time repairing windows- 
this one had some mean black caulk holding in the glass, and was a bear to remove.  

and I started sanding the kitchen cabinets/doors/drawers in preparation for finishing.

I like doing 10 things at once- when I get tired of one, 
I move on the the next so I never get bored!

We are rolling along!