If a trailer floor is in really bad shape, people do what's called a frame-up restore. They remove EVERYTHING from the trailer- walls, floors, cabinets...everything.  They are left with a metal frame, and they rebuild from there with a brand new floor.  I did not want to do that - as I felt like it was just too much for me to handle alone.  Taking out the kitchen cabinets and the tall cabinet would just not be possible without more hands to help me - and I felt like there would be NO way I could ever get it all back together again.  So, I planned to remove the parts of the floor that were bad- and keep the cabinets in place. A great idea in theory, and it went well in the front of the camper:
(Front flooring placed around the cabinets)
Well, as I worked on dismantling the back, I discovered that my plans had to change, 
and it truly bummed me out.
The wheel well under the kitchen cabinets needed to be replaced- as it was just shot.  
Fellow restorers think the tire probably had a blow out at one time - which led to this:
The only way to replace the wheel well is by removing the cabinets.  UGH!  More demo....
and more $$ for new wheel wells (the other one is in bad shape too).
I vented my frustration on the online forum and got some great support, 
and prepped myself for the job ahead.
I can do this !
So, let the cabinet removal begin:
and...they are out!

Boy, looks like it was easy just by the pictures.  Don't be fooled- it was a PITA!!
But, it's done.  Now, gotta get me some new wheel wells and start putting this all back together.

Luckily- I found a local metal shop that just opened and was happy to do them for me.
I waited a week- and just like that...
New Wheel Wells !  
Never thought I would be so happy about wheel wells !  Ha ha ha

Onward we go......