Rolling Along....

Since my last post, things have been rolling along.

We have had lots of snow-
it seems winter just does not want to end  :(
So...I went to Florida for 2 weeks with this gang. 
Had a blast!
Now, I am home, the weather is getting warmer everyday, and the camper is calling!!
Everyday I do something on her- sometimes a few BIG things, 
sometimes lots of small things. 
Here's an update:

I put up 2 walls on the curbside- and they look so good! 
I so love the birch wood these old campers were made with. 
Such a beautiful wood.
I am still awaiting my floor tiles.
They were supposed to come before my Florida trip, 
but were sent to the wrong address and needed to be reordered!  
Grrrr.  I can't put things back in until my floor is in.
I did put my subfloor 1/4" Luan in - so I am all ready for those darn tiles.

I took the metal roof off - by myself- as I was tired of waiting for Michael to come and help.
Wasn't too bad- and it looks in good shape.  Hopefully I can reuse it vs. buying new metal.
I WILL need to buy new metal for some of the walls- so any I can reuse makes me happy :)

I spent A LOT of time rebuilding the closet.  
It was not in one piece when I got the trailer- so it needed some work to get it right.
I keep saying: 'Thank God I am a teacher- as I sure am not a cabinet maker !!'
What would probably take my brother an hour -took me ALL DAY.

It came out really good after the stress it caused.  
I am learning, that is for sure.

I finished repairing/refinishing the shelf from over the bed.
New shelving wood, sanded and shellacked.
It looks good! 

I installed my first ever electric box(es) for interior lights.
Since the wood backing each one is only 3/4" thick, drilling holes for the wires was tricky, 
but I succeeded with minimal issues.
Finally :)
I need to clean up and paint the lights- and then they will be installed.

So nice to be putting things IN vs ripping them out!
Onward we go...