Well, I see I have not posted since April!!  
How did that happen??  
All except for a week's vacation, 
I have worked on the camper most everyday to some degree.  
And wait until you see the progress!!!

I finally got my tiles after waiting weeks, 
and was so happy to get to installing my floor :)
I just LOVE it!

I repaired and refinished both bench seats. 
I even built the front of this one with little issue- 
and the door actually slides!  
I am getting better at this woodworking stuff :)

I have shellacked SOOO many 4'X8' pieces of birch....
which includes sanding, 
3 coats of amber shellac, 
more sanding, 
then topped with 2 coats of clear shellac... 
..for EACH panel....and I have done about 15 panels to date. 
Take into account drying times, and I have spent MANY hours in the basement.
Let me tell you- if I NEVER shellac again in my lifetime I will be HAPPY . 

But...the result makes me just LOVE the process: 

As you can see, I have gotten all of the side walls up, 
and most of the ceiling panels. 
It has taken lots of time, 
but I am really thrilled to see it coming back together.

I've run into some major, frustrating screw ups- let me tell you ! 
Like the cabinet being too high despite the fact I did not remove it.

Or the kitchen denting the brand new wheel well because it sits too low now.

Or...the side walls being so off when adhering the ceiling panel. 
Some days I would walk out to the barn- 
stare at the camper for 25 minutes- 
and turn around and go back into the house.
It just boggled my mind how things did not go back the way they should...
and I admit
it did wear me down.

Luckily- with lots of thinking, some reconfiguring of things, 
and some help from my 2 brothers
everything that caused me strife is now fixed, 
and things are once again
 rolling along just fine.

Whew !!