It's the little things that make it shine!

Along with the daunting task of rebuilding the entire camper, 
I have been plugging away at the little things when I can:

Making new doors for the overhead cabinet:

Continuing to clean and repair all of the aluminum windows, 
window frames, and the screen door.
Plus re-screening the door and all the windows.

They look awesome all cleaned up !

Staining strips that will cover the seams of the ceiling panels.

Taking apart all the lights, cleaning them, 
sanding and repainting them silver. 
( I did not like the gold theme going on there.)
Love the original gas light !!
And repainting all of the door and cabinet hardware silver as well.

Every day I am entertained by our 2 loyal companions-
 and Molly

 They stay with me out back by the barn all day-
happily chasing ( and catching) squirrels, 
playing in the mud, 
or napping.

They let me know when they get bored and need some excitement- 
and then we walk through the field to the creek where they swim 
and hunt for critters is good :)