Back to my real job....dang !!

Well, on July 2nd, my 6-month sabbatical ended, 
and so did my days of working on the camper for hours everyday. 
Man, did 6 months FLY by!  
But, no complaining- as I am so very lucky I was able to take the time.

The camper is at the point where things are going slowly.  
I seem to pick away at a few big jobs- and then nothing ever seems to get done.  
But, everything I do is progress....just gotta remember how far it has come!

I removed the original laminate as I wanted to go with a green/yellow color scheme.
I also took out the big oven/stove, and bought a 2 burner stovetop.
You all know I don't cook, right?  ha ha

I had to fix the opening where the stove was to fit the smaller cooktop,
I think I did a good job adding supports and covering the hole
in the counter left from the bigger stove.

 I also installed my new formica!!  
It was scary- as it was not cheap, 
and one mistake means lost $. 
Happy to report, I did well cutting it, gluing it, 
and -with my brother Tom's guidance - 
used the router to cut out the openings and trim the edges.

I also bought new edge trim- and love how it looks.

Bedroom ( ha!)-
I am almost done fixing the gaucho bed in the back. 
I got new plywood for the top, and rebuilt the front face.
 I even cut new legs - which I like better than the original ones. 
Just gotta shellack it all up.

The 'tunnel' and shelf in the back needed to be remade-

and I must admit I spent a lot of time on it- 
as I was not happy with it the first time I installed the remade one.
But with some tweaks, some new edge trim and gimp, 
and new laminate on top- 
this one - I am happy with !
(Just gotta add some shelf liner :)

I rebuilt the front bench to fit the water tank.

I added straps and wood to hold it in place,
and even added a hinged lid so that I can access it better 
and to give more support to the cushions.

I also am slowly working on the water tank and pump hook-ups-
and plumbing of the sink.
Plumbing is all new to me, but I am learning !

This one is a biggie - as electric systems boggle my mind.
I have read tons on my Vintage Trailer Forum, and asked tons of questions, 
and think I am now capable of some of the system install.
However- I am getting an electrician to hook it all up-
as that's nothing to make mistakes with. 

Currently, I am in the process of running 
all the new 120V and 12V wires for the trailer.  
I am adding outlets throughout, and some new items that need power to them 
( a 'fantastic fan' in ceiling, a water pump, etc).
This entails figuring out circuits, 
drilling holes or making channels through framing to run wires, 
and cutting out holes for junction boxes 
( hey- I sound like I know what I am talking about! ha ha)

I think I am about 1/2 way done with running wires, 
and will be so happy when I can call the electrician 
to come and get it all hooked up.

Can't wait for that day - as finally one big system will be complete.
Now just need to finish plumbing ...
and start with propane lines.

Plugging along....slow and steady as always ....