Slow and Steady...

 Well, September finds me back to work, 
which means many evenings are spent writing reports 
or prepping for my kiddos.
That's ok- I am rather happy to be back with my students :)

I am, of course, still plugging away at the camper when I have time.

I am so happy that the weather is getting cooler, 
which means the barn is not an oven anymore, 
and I can get things done without dripping in sweat.  

Here's what's new:

I am done my plumbing!
Having never done plumbing before, I must say it took some time,
but it was not really rocket science.
And since I only have cold water in the camper, it was not too complicated.

I ran all my plumbing pipe, called Pex, and used these easy connectors
-called Sharkbite- to hook it all together.
I got the water tank in, the 12v water pump hooked up, 
installed the inlet for 'city water' (a hose if available at the campsite),
and the water lines run to the sink and toilet.
One system down !! Yahoooo!!

I am just about done with the 120v wiring 
( I know- seems like I have been doing this forever).
I installed the outlet for the 30 amp power source/plug,
Put wire covers over all the lines that run through the framing in channels,

Got ALL my electric boxes in and wires run to all fixtures.
and fixed an issue with the ones that are on the exterior walls.
Today's electric boxes are not as shallow as the older ones, 
and the new boxes stick out 1/4" too far on the outside.
So...I made a fix: 
Add a 1/4" frame under the box....problem solved!
The electrician will be here soon- 
as he was waiting for the weather to cool as well.
# 2 system will be done soon..... :)

Finally, I have finished cleaning and repairing my
Doing my windows was a time consuming, 
tiresome and difficult task, and I am
they are done!!
Let's review the steps (ha ha):

Remove window....

scrape off all the caulk and sealants that are 50+ years old...
remove all glass and rubber seals...
clean and polish the frames
using a combo of many things:
 Brillo pads, steel wool, Goo-b-gone, razor blade, 
Mother's Wheel cleaner, Scotch Brite pad, 
or whatever I can find that works.
Oh, and Curse..... A LOT !!!

*The aluminum on these windows was pitted and cruddy 
(quite understandable after 50+ years)
so LOTS of elbow grease was needed to get them shiny again*

Then....replace all the seals, clean the glass, and reassemble. 
Whew.... lots of hours into that job!  

Here's one after this was all done:
I must admit the hard work is worth it when I see this!

Will post a photo of the last one soon- 
as I need to re-screen it and then it will be complete.

Till then....
Shasta La Vista ...
( I have lost my mind )