October update- getting LOTS done !

I have been working steadily on the camper,
plugging away at the many things needing to be completed.

Here's a run down:
I finally got my new refrigerator installed (well-at least it's in place). 
I am so happy- 
as it took lots of reconfiguring of the cabinet it goes in.
I even added a new front for the door- made from my shellacked birch wood-
to match the camper's wood. 
Love the look!

I installed all of my 12v fixtures 
and am just about finished running the wires for them all. 
12v is basically powered by an on-board battery
vs. plugging into an electric source at a campground.
So, with 12v, I can have lights, water (pump), the ceiling fan, 
and a few charge ports for when I am 'boon-docking'
ie: camping off-grid (no electric).

I installed 2 - 12v ceiling lights-

and a 12v adjustable reading light above my bed:

I added a 12v switch for my porch light 
(which is in my door handle- my brother is currently cleaning this up) :

and a 12v charging port for electronics.


and I ran all of these 12v wires to the electric power center-
yet to be installed-which will go under the front bench.

I also installed my FINAL wall panel !
With this one in place, the walls and ceiling are completely done!
The camper is finally all closed up. 
Can I hear a 'Whooop Whooop'!!!  
Ha ha ha!
Many, many hours went into finishing these panels- 
so this is a HUGE accomplishment for me :)


( The clamps are holding the newly made
front window frame in place as it is glued to the wall panel.

Finally, I am just about done adding insulation to the sides.
I have used a combo of fiberglass ( as I had some around)
and foam board (which is nicer to work with).

I also started insulating the roof with a product called Reflectix- 
basically a 'bubble wrap' insulation which is easier to get around the curves.
(Front metal in place just for motivation:)

After insulation, I will install a vapor barrier over the entire camper,
and then can start to work on replacing the aluminum 'skins'.
I truly cannot believe I am getting to that point!

Of course- still lots to do inside.  
But, I really have been getting lots done, 
and am so happy with the progress thus far.  

Come November, it will be a year since I brought the camper home.
I cannot believe it looked like this less than 12 months ago!  


I am still getting LOTS of help from Larry (Mobiltec)-
as I still virtually attend his classes every week.
I ask him lots of questions- and take lots of notes.

I also ask tons of questions on the Vintage Trailer Forum-
as there is always someone willing to help out when I need it.
Couldn't be doing this without the help of many.    

We've come a long way, baby !!!
That's for sure :)



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