Dec Update

Well, wintertime weather is just around the corner.
I am dreading working in the barn in the cold,
so I have been working hard to get things done that need doing.

Here's the latest:

Today, I finally took the plunge and
cut out the hole for the last window- the one in the back.
To date, I have been hesitant to do that,
as the back framing was giving me some issues,
and I was afraid to cut until I knew for sure where the window sat.
However,  I have figured things out-
and it's in!

I actually spent all day on this-
as the framing around it is actually on a curved wall.
 3/4" wood does not bend too well around curves (ummm, not at all)- 
so I used layers of 1/4" plywood instead, which turned out great.
So glad to have this last window in- 
no more big holes to cut in my lovely walls :)

I am just about done installing the curbing around the edge of the roof.
This is wood placed between the roof beams-
which eventually is the support for the bent edge of the roof metal.

On the straight runs, I used an air staple gun to attach 3/4" strips of wood.
On the curved runs, I needed to layer three 1/4" ply strips, 
stapling the first layer and then gluing and stapling the next 2.
This allows me to bend the thinner strips to match the shape of the framing.
I only have the back street side left to do, 
and then my curbing is done !
This is a time consuming job, as there are lots of cuts to make.
However, I have gotten better at it- 
and that helps !!

I really am about ready to re-install all of my metal (siding and roof)
once I get my vapor barrier up.
I would like to reuse as much of the original as possible
as that stuff is not cheap!
However, I am finding that I may need to break down
and spend the $$ on new metal-
due to issues with the old stuff.

This is the back panel.  
Someone replaced the original brake lights,
first cutting a bigger hole and then layering tons of caulk around the hole.
The holes are HUGE, and in order to install replicas of the original Shasta lights,
some major patching needs to be done.
That always sets up the possibility of water leaks-
which I DO NOT WANT.
So, I'm thinking the back panel is needed.  
That's #1.

As you recall,
a big part of the curbside bottom metal in the back was patched,
and this piece runs the entire length of the camper.
SO, that's #2.

I have been hoping I could reuse the roof metal- 
as it originally did not look so bad.
However, upon further inspection, 
it too has holes and large areas of need.
Someone installed 3 front and 3 rear lights-
which kinda look cool,
but are not original to my camper.
More holes to patch...
think I probably should get a new one.
Surely need to make sure this baby does not leak.
Ok- that's #3.

Finally, the street side bottom skin has a number of holes
that have been patched with Bondo pretty crappily (is that a word??).
I may try to remove and re-patch-
but the chance does exist that I may need to replace that too, 
making that #4. 

The remaining metal looks good-
so I am crossing my fingers that these panels can be reinstalled.

I am going to paint the camper after I am all done-
so doesn't matter what it looks like.
It just needs to be solid without holes-
'cuz there's no way I am letting water into this beauty
when she is done !!

That's all for now.
Merry Christmas----see you in the new year!



  1. Wow! you are incredible! i can't wait for you to enjoy your lil home away from home on wheels.


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